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Manufacturer #:38480

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Quickie Glue? gives you the writing ease of a pen with glue in a ball-point barrel. Place glue precisely where it is needed to hold the smallest embellishments. Shake-free and squeeze-free  Quickie Glue lays down a smooth line without uncontrolled spreading or globbing.

Can?t decide where to glue an item? Temporarily place and move objects around. To create a temporary bond  allow a few minutes of drying time before securing the items together. Decorate scrapbook & journal pages  cards  stationery  and collages! Quickie Glue is also excellent for handmade quilling projects.

What you can do with Quickie Glue -

Make straight  curvy or dotted lines
Draw flower  paisley or scallop patterns
Draw polka-dots  hearts  and zigzags
Sign your name or write a message
Then you can sprinkle with glitter  confetti or apply gold  silver or copper foils!