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It?s a Post card it?s a Note card
Color - Create - Collect - Share

Coloring with shadows and shading is what gives your artwork lifelike depth and dimension. Chameleon Color Cards are designed to take the guesswork out of light placement and make highlights  shadows and shading easier to do.

Not only are they fun to color  you also get hands on learning! Think of it like coloring with training wheels. The Shading and coloring guides help you get better at understanding how the light plays on different objects and with practice it will get easier to do it with images you create on your own!

Printed on Super Smooth High Quality 120IB Card stock specially designed for alcohol pens!
Bound pad included 16 individual- 4x6 color cards - 8 different designs
Perfect size for a quick art project you can accomplish in a single sitting
You don?t need to be an artist - Just color the images as shown
Use as a post card  mount on a greeting card  add to mixed media journals
Great for framing  each Card becomes a mini masterpiece!
Full size Shading & Color Guides show you exactly where to put Highlights  Mid tones  shadows and cast shadows for realistic looking art!
Shading & Color Guides are reversible- each image shown in grey scale on the other side so you can use your own color selections