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Are You Cerise

Manufacturer #:CS08

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A water reactive dry dye stain suitable for fabric and paper. The two-part formulation has 2 different crystals which react with the water at 2 different rates; the colour particles act fast, and the brown walnut crystals are slower to dissolve. This allows control over how much brown-to-colour you create depending on the amount of water you apply and when you dry. Directions for use: When you first receive your bottles, open carefully over a sheet of white paper. Some crystals will fall out of the lid, this is normal. You can pour them back into the bottle with the help of the paper (as you would with embossing powder) Next, remove the foam insert located in the lid. With a poking tool, poke a hole in the center of the lid. Replace the lid on the bottle and secure it with tape to prevent it from opening. You will not need to open the bottle again. Use the hole to sprinkle out desired amount of crystals. HINT: A little goes a long way!! The colors are powerful. For storage, place a piece of tape over the hole so as not to loose powders. Sprinkle a tiny bit of powder on your project. Using a fine mist water spritzer, spritz water and watch the colors react. You can also brush out the colors using plain water, or a 4-to-1 Mod Podge to water solution to create a glaze. The more you brush, the more the colors will blend. More blending for a smoother effect, less blending for a more splotchy or streaky effect. Most of all, experiment for your favorite results!!