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Royal Blood

Manufacturer #:CS10

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Infusions are water soluble particles with 2 components: dye color pigment suitable for paper/ fabric mixed with Walnut stain. The color powder particles dissolve faster than the walnut crystals, so you can control how much color-to-brown stain ratio you get by: 1. the amount of water you apply 2. when you apply water (before or after sprinkling the powders) 3. how soon you dry the wet paper or fabric after applying water Blotting before drying will produce a softer result. Make the product permanent by using with PaperArtsy glazes instead of water or add gum arabic to the mix as another 'binding' option. Sold in small bottles with aluminum caps, approx. 15ml. To dispense, simply poke a hole in the cap and sprinkle in the concentration of your preference.